The Cannonball Reunion was everything we hoped for

 GREENWICH, Conn. (June 2, 2017) – On June 2, in Greenwich, Connecticut, a group of original cross-country racing outlaws, loosely depicted in the 1981 film “Cannonball Run,” came together to tell the stories that are now legend. The evening was a win even before we got inside. The parking lot of the Greenwich Library featured a group of cars that would make any auto enthusiast swoon. The hero of the lot was the Ferrari 365GTB/4 that racer Dan Gurney and Brock Yates piloted to the transcontinental record in 1971. Their trip took only 35:54. 

Brock Yates modified Dodge Challenger. Photos by Jill and Denis Tanney.

Parked next to the Daytona, Brock’s Cotton Owen’s modified Dodge Challenger looked ready to take another shot at the record. Amelia Island Concours founder Bill Warner brought his Porsche 911 that he ran the race with in 1975. Bill still daily drives the car. Cannonball competitor Jim Hunt brought E. Pierce Marshall’s ultimate sleeper, the 1979 Chevy Malibu Police car he ran in the last Cannonball in 1979. Travis Bell drove all the way from Indianapolis with a truck and trailer containing his outrageous Dodge Transcend Medi-Vac Ambulance. Travis built the ambulance as an exact replica of the one created by Brock Yates and Hal Needham for the last Cannonball. Needham used the same vehicle in the Cannonball Run movie featuring Burt Reynolds. After determining the original ambulance was long gone, Travis decided to build his own. His replica is so spot on, both Brock Yates and Hal Needham signed the dash. The parking lot also included later cross-country racers, including Kevin Barkan’s Mercedes 450 SEL from the US Express and the Polizei 144 BMW M5 Alex Roy and Dave Maher piloted to the record in 2006.

The proceeds of the evening benefited the New England Auto Museum,

Photos by Jill and Denis Tanney:



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