Alfa Romeo 4C: The Dual Exhaust Review

by Roger Garbow and Charles Moseley

Welcome to Dual Exhaust, where Roger Garbow and Charles Moseley critique the same car. And sometimes each other. Roger and Charles are from opposite sides of the political (and nutrition) spectrum, but they share a common bond and affection for cars. Especially ones that are fun to drive and have three pedals. The boys might be approaching their “sell by” dates, but they still act like juveniles. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy.

Roger’s take: An Italian cure for stupidity

People do all kinds of stupid shit behind the wheel—most of which does not involve navigating an automobile. And automakers have willingly offered up features to enable this laissez faire approach to driving, further exacerbating the problem. But, some cars buck the trend of protecting you from yourself. Take the Alfa 4C. Except for the digital dash, the interior is devoid of the technology rampant in even the cheapest econobox.

Our first Sunday Morning Car Show was held on Sunday, June 25th on the beautiful grounds of Onatru Farm Park in South Salem, NY. Fortunately, the weather was picture perfect. Hundreds of enthusiasts showed up to enjoy a diverse collection of cars, trucks and motorcycles. Exotics included a drop-dead gorgeous Ferrari Daytona Spyder and a McLaren P1. American muscle ranged from vintage Corvettes and Trans-Ams all the way to a new Ford Shelby GT350. The Porschephiles in the crowd were in heaven. Amidst the 911s of every stripe, Speedsport Tuning brought an extremely rare 1960 Porsche RS60 racecar and a track-prepped Cayman. Michael Pollack arrived in his outrageous Leh Keen-built Porsche Safari number 4. And Spyder Creations showed off their hand-crafted, all-aluminum 550 Spyder recreation.

Miller Motorcars showed off the sexy, new Alfa-Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, a Bentley GTC convertible and the Maserati Levante S performance SUV from the new Maserati of Westport showroom. Monticello Motor [...]

 GREENWICH, Conn. (June 2, 2017) – On June 2, in Greenwich, Connecticut, a group of original cross-country racing outlaws, loosely depicted in the 1981 film “Cannonball Run,” came together to tell the stories that are now legend. The evening was a win even before we got inside. The parking lot of the Greenwich Library featured a group of cars that would make any auto enthusiast swoon. The hero of the lot was the Ferrari 365GTB/4 that racer Dan Gurney and Brock Yates piloted to the transcontinental record in 1971. Their trip took only 35:54. 

Parked next to the Daytona, Brock’s Cotton Owen’s modified Dodge Challenger looked ready to take another shot at the record. Amelia Island Concours founder Bill Warner brought his Porsche 911 that he ran the race with in 1975. Bill still daily drives the car. Cannonball competitor Jim Hunt brought E. Pierce Marshall’s ultimate sleeper, the 1979 Chevy Malibu Police car he ran in [...]

Cannonball Reunion set for June 2nd in Greenwich

A rare gathering of the original outlaws and their cars.
GREENWICH, Conn. (May 23, 2017) – On June 2, in Greenwich, Conn., a group of original outlaws depicted in the 1981 film “Cannonball Run” will come together in one place to recount those outrageous stories of beating the law as they raced cross-country from New York City to Los Angeles in some of the craziest vehicles built for the endeavor.

This will mark the third reunion since the first car took off from the Red Ball Garage in New York City in 1971, and will be held at the Cole Auditorium at the Greenwich Library. A number of the original outlaws will relive those desperado days relating their wild stories as they sped coast-to-coast, evading the law either with excessive speed or outlandish explanations for their escapades. Remarkably, most avoided jail-time.

Pamela Yates, wife of Brock Yates, the [...]

Please Excuse the 2017 BMW M2 For Smoking

Watch us burn rubber with this drift-happy, affordable Bimmer.
by Roger Garbow for Men’s Health BMW would love for everyone to believe they’re building “The Ultimate Driving Machines.” Whether that’s true, of course, is a matter of opinion. Some agree that the German company is producing peak performance beasts. I’ve been taken by a few models—namely the new 7 Series, the M6 Gran Coupe and the 328d xDrive Sports Wagon—but largely been uninterested in the rest of BMW’s offerings. Recently, with tempered expectations, I accepted a 2017 M2 for a week-long review. Read the full review and check out the video here…


By Roger Garbow
My wife thinks I’m insane—for various reasons—but particularly for how I can sit in front of the TV for hours watching car auctions. I’m mesmerized by motorized eye candy rolling across the stage while bidders get whipped into a frenzy as I fantasize over which of the cars I would bid on myself.

With a few small exceptions, Northeast auto enthusiasts who did not want to travel great distances had to rely on TV broadcasts to get their auction fill. But in June 2016, Barrett-Jackson decided to roll the dice and test the auction waters in our part of the country with an inaugural event at the Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort in Uncasville, CT.

B-J’s bet paid off big time. Last year’s event was successful beyond even CEO Craig Jackson’s wildest dreams [...]

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