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Alfa Romeo 4C: The Dual Exhaust Review

by Roger Garbow and Charles Moseley

Welcome to Dual Exhaust, where Roger Garbow and Charles Moseley critique the same car. And sometimes each other. Roger and Charles are from opposite sides of the political (and nutrition) spectrum, but they share a common bond and affection for cars. Especially ones that are fun to drive and have three pedals. The boys might be approaching their “sell by” dates, but they still act like juveniles. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy.

Roger’s take: An Italian cure for stupidity

People do all kinds of stupid shit behind the wheel—most of which does not involve navigating an automobile. And automakers have willingly offered up features to enable this laissez faire approach to driving, further exacerbating the problem. But, some cars buck the trend of protecting you from yourself. Take the Alfa 4C. Except for the digital dash, the interior is devoid of the technology rampant in even the cheapest econobox.

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